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You can be amazed at how far in front of her Chelsea Charms big boobs stick out. But we've all seen how much a woman's chest can expand when she takes a deep breath and stretches, pushing her chest far out in front of her. Even women who you think are small chested suddenly grow big boobs. Well just imagine what it must be like when the woman with the world's biggest boobs does it!

Imagine Chelsea Charms laying on her bed, huge tits pressing her top high into the air. Her body feeling a little bit tight, she rolls onto her side, arches her back and stretches her arms behind her. Her top rides up her body exposing her sexy tummy as her chest measurement suddenly grows another foot or two. You instinctively reach out and massage her big boobs. "You like it when I stick them out, don't you baby." She exclaims. You smile and nod excitedly. She entices you by exaggerating her stretch further. Even the sides of her top flair out more as her big boobs bulge further and further. You feel them growing fast in your hands. Nothing is stopping them. Go ahead and squeeze them harder!


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Chelsea Charms loves the control she has over you with her big boobs. "Squeeze them baby! Harder!" She recoils her big boobs and exhales. Then in one huge, deep breath she thrusts her massive tits farther than you imagined possible. Her top is no match as the seams tear wide open from her expanding breasts. Once more she recoils, and once more she thrusts farther still. Her enormous breasts literally explode from her top! The fabric is left in shatters around her boobs which are still bouncing from there sudden freedom.

This time she doesn't retreat. She leaves her giant tits sticking out - thrusting far in front of you to enjoy. Your cock is rock hard, but you can't take your hands off these incredible breasts. You squeeze them furiously, and start to suck on her nipples. Yow lick and kiss her giant tits endlessly. Your in heaven. You never want this to end. She promises you it won't.