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Chelsea Charms takes huge tits out of her top. "They grow about 25mm each month," she exclaims. The size of them is beyond belief. It's quite possible no other woman will ever have boobs as big as Chelsea Charms. You have to be an admirer of super busty woman to appreciate Chelsea's tits. If you think a woman with dd-cup boobs is busty, then you may not be able to handle the vision of these magnificent breasts. If your mantra is "the bigger the better," then Chelsea Charms is the best!

Picture her hovering over top of you. Her breasts are gravity defiant. She may have 52lbs of breasts erupting from her chest but they are perky. They sit up and beg for attention. She doesn't need a bra for these puppies. Her nipples hover precariously close to your mouth. You want to suck on them so bad.

"Feel how soft they are!" she says. It's amazing, for how firm they appear that they are actually quite squeezable. You waste no time grabbing the other side of one of her huge tits with the other hand and stare in amazement at the size of just one of her giant boobs. "come to the bedroom," she says with a smile on her beautiful face.


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Chelsea Charms sits down on the edge of the bed. Her giant naked breasts are the size of pillows as you look down on them. She reaches out and pulls you in so her chest presses into your swelling crotch. "Do you like that?" She asks. Just as you are about to agree, she leans back on the bed. And after you thought you've seen everything, the largest breasts in the world are topless and now climbing skywards in two huge soft fleshy mounds unlike anything you've ever witnessed. "My big boobs could use a massaging," she says. "Could you please?"

You climb on top and straddle her. You place your hands on top of her mountains and gently squeeze. "Mmmmm," she purrs as she closes her eyes and wiggles deeper into the mattress. You gently press her astronomically huge breasts together and admire the incredible cleavage you've just created. "I like it when you just move them around," she says. You happily comply.