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When the world's biggest boobs are packed in a skin tight dress, the whole room takes notice! Just imagine being at an event with Chelsea Charms on your arm, the incredible cleavage of her big tits bursting out of her form fitting dress. The women may give her negative attention, but the men all have to sit down to avoid revealing to their wives just how much her big boobs turn them on. Chelsea Charms has the ultimate female form, and in a dress she shows more femininity than most men can handle witnessing.

Breasts signal to a man the ability of the woman to nurture his family. Every man's primal instincts would go into overdrive when he is presented with Chelsea Charm's big tits and confrontational cleavage. In a clingy dress she show's just how extreme her feminine figure is. She drives the hormones of men into a frenzy.


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Let's go on another date with Chelsea Charms. This time it's at your place. You try to impress her by making dinner for her. She wants to look her best so she shows up in a dress. It's floor length but slit up the side to her hip. You notice just how fantastic her legs are. But then you think of how strong she must be carrying around 52 lbs of breasts every moment of every day! Her dress is strapless showing off her silky soft shoulders. Her tits are so big that the material of the dress stretches tight enough to stay firmly in place. Not like those little flat chested women who have to keep hoisting their tops up. You can't help but be constantly amazed that Chelsea's big tits almost have a mind of their own and move separately from the rest of her body. As she moves one way they move another. Their sheer size and weight makes them constantly move side-to-side. Her big tits firmness makes them bounce not only up and down but off of one another as well, similar to two basketballs hitting against each other. It's absolutely entrancing!

Great, you just burned dinner. Is life with a woman with tits this big going to be feasible? Will you ever get anything done again? I'm sure you're willing to find out!