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Imagine you were lucky enough to be on a date with Chelsea Charms (hey, anything can happen in your imagination, right!). You've arrived back home, Chelsea leans in and gently asks, "Would you like to come in?" Because you're not an idiot, you accept her invitation. Outside the car she takes your hand and slowly leads you inside.

"Have a seat," she says looking toward the couch. You sit down, where she joins you after pouring some wine. She looks at you silent for a moment and then says, "I couldn't help but notice your feeble attempts to ignore looking at my big boobs all night." You tell her it's hard, but you're trying to be a gentleman. She moves closer and purrs in your ear, "Would you like to see them?" The rush of excitement conflicts with your rule to stay courteous, and you end up answering simply with a big goofy smile. She laughs and takes the wine from your hand, placing it on the table to the side.


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She stands up, and once again you are amazed that her massive chest extends out seemingly as far as she is tall. She moves in and separates your legs so she can get closer. She places her hands on her hips, then slowly runs them up her waist and out along the sides of her breasts. As you see her hands cupping the side of the biggest breasts in the world, you laugh to yourself thinking about the old saying, "more than a handful."

Her tits pop up and down, like a little dance as her muscles beneath her chest flex every time she pushes her boobs together a little tighter. She reaches down to grasp the base of her top. She swings her big boobs slightly side-to-side, encouraging your eyes to move with her as she slowly rises her top. You breathe a little deeper as her under-cleavage begins to show. The milky white flesh is like the Holy Grail to you. Your cock grows harder as she lifts her top only high enough to expose a nipple for you. "I want to feel you lips on my breasts," she says.